Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Petitions and Politics on Super Tuesday

     Signed my first petition of the political season today. It was a Conservative one for Rep. Elise Stefanik. Glad to help out. Councilman Mark Walczyk stopped by. I took a blank so I can get my Conservative tenant.
      For all the thousands of names I have gotten over the years, I have lost my appetite for the process, unless someone is standing right in front of me.
      Turns out the WWNY revelation on a prominent Republican endorsing Trump was indeed Matt Doheny.   It was not really breaking news as he had written a LTE to the WDT days ago.
      But it was a chance for the former candidate to resurface, sparking the inevitable speculation about future races, perhaps that Assembly race the GOP is finding it hard to find a consensus candidate the establishment will accept.
       Mr. Doheny's Trump endorsement is interesting and may indicate a bit of the Paladino spirit among Watertown's political elites. Be interesting to see if 260 follows suit.
       Watching early returns. Trump and Clinton doing as expected in Florida.


Anonymous said...

Hubris! I'm starting to feel like one of those angry Trump protestors.

Matt, please go away and stop making a fool of yourself. If you can't do it for yourself, think of your little boy.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be mean but does anyone truly care about who Matt Doheny is voting for? He reminds me of those reality TV stars that still think they're relevant years after their show is cancelled. The guy has been on a downward trajectory since he first emerged as a candidate almost 7 years ago. He might have been respected by some for a time but eventually the choices he made in life caught up with him. I am actually kind of embarrassed for him at this point.

If he wants to play a role in politics he needs to start over in every way possible. He needs to start from nothing, new people, new platform, new attitude, new everything, not try to build on the house of cards he constructed over the last few years. We saw how that all crumbled underneath him when Stefanik, a relatively unknown kid at the time, slaughtered him in the primary. Again, eventually poor judgment catches up with you. He needs to wipe the slate clean and prove he's a decent guy before he tries to become relevant in some way. At this point I think the majority of people in this community don't want to hear from him.