Saturday, March 5, 2016

NYP: Romney Has Own Agenda

     As Mitt Romney tours the talk shows excoriating Donald Trump, some are criticizing the 2012 candidate for not endorsing any and hinting he may be available at a contested convention. In other words grabbing the nomination without all the fuss of the primaries and caucuses.
     Mr. Romney  advocates voters cast ballots in different states with an eye towards spreading out the delegates   and preventing anyone from getting to 1237, thus creating the opening for a convention alternative.

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Anonymous said...

Back in 2012, Obama, with the help of journalist/Democrat partisan, lied through his teeth about the Arab Spring and developments in the Middle East. In response, Romney bent over, laid down, and declined to involve himself. At that point, he sold out his party and contributed to the continued rule of the Liar in Chief. Romney, shut up, go away, and seek medical help in finding your spine.