Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NNYObits.com Senator's Brother Dies in Clayton

      The brother of Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy died this week and lives in Clayton. That's an interesting NNY tie.

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Anonymous said...

He died and lives in Clayton?

How about he lived in Clayton and died.

English 101.

Anonymous said...


Wow! That is way less than six degrees of separation, to connect the brain dead politics of Clayton with the brain dead crash and Bernie politics.

Anonymous said...

Condolences to his family, more importantly.

Anonymous said...

@8:55PM - Anyone who knew John knew that he was about as far politically from Bernie Sanders, or his brother for that matter, as you can get.

He was a good man.

RIP John Leahy.

Anonymous said...

Amen 1041. Is that all you have to do in your life, 855? Twit.

Anonymous said...

Those who knew John knew all too well he had no use for his brother's politics. And he was anxious to confirm it if asked.