Monday, March 14, 2016

More Musings

   Not that I have a say, but I have gone back and forth a bit on Trump and Kasich.  The ridiculous cackling about "violence" at rallies sent me Trump's way as I watched them all on TV....The clincher was Mitt Romney stumping for Governor Kasich today in Ohio.
    Enough of the establishment nonsense.
    The most conventional of Republicans today told me he is a Trumpist. It surprised me and showed there is a lot of support, but it's not OK to say so in some elite circles.
      Saw Jet's vet at Pete's tonight. Diane has been body building the past few months and my dog has the most buff veterinarian in NNY.


Anonymous said...

Now a NC sheriff is considering charges against Trump for trying to create a riot.. Your certainly right Jeff about the mode of the Republican Party and the Puppett media.. Donald Trump cant be bought and that certainly is a threat to the lobbist, politicans, banks, war machine manufacturers..
Imagine a world where corporations sold the government products that were subject to bids instead of favortisim. Imagine a US that didnt have an open border to allow thousands and even millions of illegals over yearly.. Imagine a US that had jobs for its own people instead of the illegals. Imagine US manufacturing coming home creating more jobs..
One thing for sure I can not imagine anything like this from the establishment canidates but at least Donald Trump lets me imagine anything would be better than we have. I certainly will change my affiliation for voting once this election is over

Anonymous said...

9:17 What say you regarding Dr. Ben Carson's endorsement for a promise of a job in the can't be bought Trump campaign.

A promise of an endorsement for a job could possibly be a felony.

'Donald Trump lets me imagine anything' please, how many promises has The Donald already made begging for endorsements.