Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Long Lines

    I was watching on TV long lines stretching for blocks in Phoenix......Why ?  Three quarters of the state voted over the last month in early voting.
    Here is Watertown we have eleven election districts and there are no lines....certainly not lines where voters have to wait for hours.
    Every election you see these pictures of blocks-long lines....Why?  Can't we make it easier.


Anonymous said...

check out that hate crime on emery university campus.
some student actually wrote "Trump" on the sidewalk with chalk.
And you thought SUNY Potsdam was a joke...

Anonymous said...

No lines here? Perhaps we have made it easier!

Anonymous said...

Jeffie is missing the bigger point. why the long lines, it's all the illegals that are voting to stay in our country for the benefits/entitlements.

Free Food, free housing, free phones, free education, free SS, all on voting where no ID is necessary and wanted by the Libtards, heck if I wanted all these freebies I would stand in line t make sure I case my vote for Thighs and or the avowed Socialist. All on the backs of middleclass America.

And if they vote at certain times, the machines can be rigged remotely by the tech companies on demand by Soros.

Who owns the machines and who are the contractors for our election voting?