Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life Goes On

       The town of Morristown only has two of five elected board members in office and it's being coined a "leadership crisis".  
        First, there must be a methodology in law for dealing with this as there are so many taxing jurisdictions that this surely has happened before.
        Second, in the lives of average folk who go to work, raise their families and lead their lives, the absence of a functioning town board has no effect.
         Betcha most people living in the patch of land known at Morristown don't even know there are three vacant seats due to stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Again we have become acustomed to Senator Ritchie responding to critical situations in district with a spokeswoman. Apparently shes to involved in the War on the poor she has created and townships like this are on the back burner.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that these three board members created this situation on their own - one failed to file his oath after being elected and the other two failed to file their oaths after gaming the system. The question that remains is how do you return legitimacy to a town government in the most expeditious manner possible? Somehow, I don't think that involves either Sen. Ritchie or Assemblywoman Russell. Unfortunately, I think the residents of Morristown are going to have to pay for a special election because of the incompetence of those 3 and the Town Clerk who should have known better.

Anonymous said...

One thing Morristown needs for sure is legal representation. Their present represenative is Andrew Silver who represents many townships on a retain basis.. They give him basicly a blank check then so much an hour he actually works.. Ogdensburg and others have had a problem relating to him and in my opinion is not what these towns needs.