Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lewis County Works To Connect Everyone To Internet | WWNY TV 7

     Why is it society's job to extend every amenity to those who chose to live in the middle of nowhere?
      The economies of scale in living in a populated area provide certain things.  If the private sector develops ways to extend electricity, phones, Internet, cable, etc to the hinterlands, fine....If people want to pay for it, fine.
      But I don't.
Lewis County Works To Connect Everyone To Internet | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Having access to broadband internet is a necessity these days just like electricity, and phone service.

If you have access to a landline phone, there's no reason you couldn't have a minimum of 3Mbps internet. The telco's just need to invest in some more updated equipment. LTE would also be an option is it wasn't way overpriced and capped.

The only thing holding these options back is greed by the telco's and cable co's. They don't want to invest in the infrastructure to offer these services.

I'm now getting screwed by Time Warner by paying $3.25 a month more per TV for a digital adapter so I can still get my basic TV package. But hey, they tell me my TV will be better than ever.

Monopolies do not breed innovation, just the status quo.

Anonymous said...

You hate to see anyone outside of the city get free money, huh? You should make a choice and either side with the donkey party of free stuff, like you do every time the city gets a grant, or else oppose free stuff, like you do when it is outside of the city.

Why should the people who live outside of your city be forced to pay for all the city free stuff? Why should they locate their SOB and County Seat in your city? More people live outside of the city limits than live inside its chain-link-fence-free borders. Your collection of city citizens don't even have their own cars and need the government to provide bus service for them. Who pays for that?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they don't want to pay millions of dollars to fix Factory Street either. If Watertown want new sewers and sidewalks, let THEM pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true urbanite.

Anonymous said...

That's racist...unless the recipients are white, then you're elitist.

Anonymous said...

But I find it odd Cable companies have to pay a franchise fee to Govts. to do business in the area, now granted internet is not covered, but why not put pressure on them before renewing it? ie Time-warner will do all the homes in an area, not just with enough people on the road or area..