Sunday, March 20, 2016

Legal marijuana sales forecast to hit $23B in 4 years

       Will pot become the new gay marriage ? in enough places that the arc of history and public opinion makes it OK everywhere ?
        Pols are afraid to support it for many of the same reasons they passed laws like DOMA....They are afraid of the backlash from, in this case, police and the anti drug industry of counselors and advocates who have made a career out of calling it a gateway.
        But with four states and DC now allowing recreational use, and industries developing to serve the market, how do you sit in places like Watertown NY and prosecute the war when people ask the inevitable....Why is it OK on one side of the imaginary line and not the other.
      Currently New Yorkers are relegated to scrambling for Andy's non smoke-able medical  pots.  Personally I am not for it for business reasons and I do think it leads to a slacker ethos, but the camel's nose is well under the tent and in ten years it will be commonplace.
Legal marijuana sales forecast to hit $23B in 4 years

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