Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lawyer Full Employment on Display in Long Running County Dispute

   A long running law suit has has been dismissed by granting of a motion for summary judgment which means there were no triable facts.
    It was a dispute between Jefferson County and a prominent developer.


Anonymous said...

Generally, when a NYS judge makes a ruling, it means they paid back a favor for democrats and nothing more.

It is difficult to understand what was ruled on from reading the WDT's article. It says the judge ruled he could not rule on verbal agreements and could only rule on the written contract. Does that mean there were no oral agreements? Or does that mean the judge simply won't/can't allow them to be a factor?

I would image they took hours of depositions. Did any of those depositions include anyone from the county admitting they had further verbal agreements that they did not uphold? Or is the developer the only one who remembers it that way? And why can't the judge make a ruling on them, if they exist and were admitted to?

Anonymous said...

7:50 am in the government world there are no such things are oral agreements it is written in contract or invalid. A government body does not vote on oral agreements and does not act on what one member says of does it is governed by majority vote.

Anonymous said...

10:04 assuming what you say is true, then why didn't the judge rule that any verbal agreements were invalid instead of saying he couldn't rule on them?

Anonymous said...

1:29 PM
The judge cannot rule them valid or invalid because he cannot attest to them by their very nature they are ambiguous.