Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kasich campaign accuses Cruz team of bad faith - POLITICO

    Now the Kasich campaign is questioning Senator Cruz' integrity. Sound like lyin' Ted is in everyone's crosshairs.

    Kasich campaign accuses Cruz team of bad faith - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Kasich is a lifetime politican that fits perfectly what the Republican party wants us to vote for to continue their corrupt ways. Someone televised that 187 million has been spent by superpacs designed to stop Donald Trump . All of this while millions of Americans live in poverty.. kASICH if nominated would only pick someone like Bush for the VP job then look over his shoulder for the next few years for the gunman.
Trump and Cruz both would create much change to the Washington way and that dosnt set well. Thats why many prominent Republcians are getting set to vote for Hillary in order to keep Washington in order and in their power.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

The more we dig into the mud, the more of the truth is uncovered. The more we dig into paper, the more of the truth, that seems to disappear . So, more mud, less paper.