Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Judge Dismisses Charge Against Town Councilman | WWNY TV 7

    How could you justify charging someone with this without depositions from the people who signed the petition in the presence of someone other than the purported witness ?

    The Big County.  Gotta love it.

Judge Dismisses Charge Against Town Councilman | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Lets see if this is right.. Rain has cried real tears that her office cannot have anyone in court especially the justice courts.. This is a justice court now she claims that her office wasnt present and the judge and the lawyer committed an ethic violation.. Which way do you want it Mary...
Charge him again and get your act together.. Was this the employee Nichols fired recently for bringing this to light.. If this guy was Republican then it will get really sticky.

Anonymous said...

New Big County slogan: Home of Bloated Govt and Inept Criminal Justice.

Anonymous said...

754.. I agree but no fault of Joe Lightfoot.. After replacing him as chairman I noticed the job cutting legislature made some changes.. Establishing a new job for compensation work??????
They did not replace a deputy in January so the position is now void.. Now the eliminate a position thats no longer there... Now they create two partime deputy positions... Seems like two partime costs a lot more than one thats no longer there?????????????????
Its all fluff folks dont let it fool you a bit... Replace an investigator???????

Anonymous said...

The big county? And this county is any different?