Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jeb ! Backs Cruz in Move That Will Change Nothing

        A split verdict but the frontrunners continue their march to their respective nominations. Meanwhile a low energy endorsement today for Ted Cruz.
        Donald Trump won Arizona and 58 delegates while Senator Cruz took neighboring Utah with 40. Hillary Clinton won Arizona while Senator Bernie Sanders easily won caucuses in Utah and Idaho.
      The next big contest is Wisconsin.
       And Jeb! is endorsing Ted !
       The establishment candidate rejected overwhelmingly backs the new establishment candidate who nobody likes.


Anonymous said...

Kind of sad hypocritical Orange Top thinks it's wrong that the youngest of the Trumpster clan now has to see his mommy naked from a modeling photoshoot.

It's ok in Trumps' eyes that the First Lady of the US can be paraded around that the now 70 year old has only bed top notch women but we can't have his young son see what his Mommy's backround is.

I don't think it's Cruz but it is the same old mo of Hilly/Billy behind this.

Anonymous said...

Had a great laugh when Bill Bratton , argueably the finest law enforcement official in the land said about CRUZ " He doesn't know what the hell he is talking about " in terms of policing . Bratton would. Be a far better candidate than any the Gop has running .

Anonymous said...

8:07 It was a GOP superpac that ran the ad or is running the ad showing Trump's wife in her birthday suit.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about endorsements? ISIS could endorse a candidate and literally no one would care.

Anonymous said...

So first Kim Kardashian , now Melania Trump ...what a classy country !!!

Trump is really stupid if he thought THIS would not be used against him