Monday, March 28, 2016

Ivanka Trump gives birth to baby boy named Theodore...Wil Grandpa Call Him "Lyin' Ted"

          Donald Trump is a grandfather again as daughter Ivanka has given birth to her third child, a little boy names Theodore. Actually Senator Cruz got his "Ted" from his middle name Edward...His real first name is Rafael...a little too ethnic for GOP primaries.
Ivanka Trump gives birth to baby boy named Theodore James Kushner | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Named after Cruz?

Anonymous said...

That would be funny if the media decided to report on him in the future using only that name,Rafael Cruz,bet he would be ticked off.

Anonymous said...

Weak, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Danny, Danny why hold back, daughter is just like the old man, she also filed and was booted off the board as well as Daddy when they had to file a few bankruptcy filings.

I'm wondering if she is a shareholder or officeholder for Trump University, ouch, she will have to get on her feet sooner than later if she is required to testify during the month of May campaigning.

All those people taken to a tune of 40 million, meanwhile Daddy Donald gets to celebrate his little munchkin that he also doesn't hesitate to mention that he would date her if she wasn't his daughter.

What a gene pool!!!! And the circus sideshow goes on.

Anonymous said...

Small small circle, it was Chris Christie as a US prosecutor that put Donald's daughter's husband father in jail. Kushner sr. is a convict.

His dirty money did buy Donald's daughter's husband into an Ivy when he couldn't get into two others.

Pay attention people with The Trumpkin's associates. Seems that Orange Top also was involved in one or two lawsuits with George Soros. They became good friends as being tried together in one lawsuit.

Anyone's guess who the Godfather will be.

Jeff Graham said...

1232 What's weak. Just facts

Anonymous said...

So the establishment candidates Trump and Clinton are setting up the 2nd generation.

How much has baby girl donated to the GOP and how is she and her husband registered.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I just didn't see how you could make a connection between a newborn and a campaign.