Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is TV Poised for Ad Bonanza in April ?

  New York....April 19....Normally a footnote...This year perhaps pivotal.
   Bernie Sanders will make a stand here and so will Donald Trump as it's his home state. Moderate John Kasich will see NY as an opportunity as it's loaded with RINOs.
    Who's excited about this ?
     The second floor at 120 is surely looking at all this as an unanticipated windfall.  Tens of millions of dollars in Super PAC money was spent of late, much of it anti Trump money in Florida and Ohio. Mixed results for sure.
     But all that money may show up in NY as the anti Trump message is refined, plus all the campaigns will spend. After all, Hillary Clinton doesn't want to lose the state where she lives.
     And remember, PACs pay the full rate. No lowest-unit-cost rates the law says must be offered to candidates.
      Will it happen this way ?  The calendar seems to point to a spending rush in NY.
       Yesterday's odd pro-Trump homage on local TV got me thinking 120 may show some interest in politics for the best of reasons.  $$$.
       After all, an endorsement by someone not in office and no longer openly engaged in politics is hardly newsworthy.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt Hillary will spend too much on TV. Her strength is in NYC, as ridiculously expensive ad market. Her challenge is to get out the vote more than to convince anyone. I believe Trump will win the state. Since he hasn't spend a lot on TV, I'd expect that not to change.