Monday, March 14, 2016

Is Trump Poised for a Big Win ?

        Donald Trump continues to dominate the news cycle, and his red meat rallies are made for TV theater.
       He may have a big day tomorrow, and the media hand wringing is rampant. On Morning Joe everyone was  calling Trump a political "day trader" making quick profits with no regard for the "long game."
       The number of disdainful sighs from Mika was hard to endure. 


Anonymous said...

Poised? Nah, I've seen him speak. Setting himself and the former gop for a fractured convention? You bet!

Anonymous said...

We are coming off a presidency that spent $10 trillion in 7 years and we are now watching an empty tweed suit with patches on the elbows promise $20 trillion worth of free stuff, as he gains agaisnt the pants suit. It is a little disingenuous, to say the least, to refer to the only sensible guy, as a day trader.

Anonymous said...

Cruz could have been the one, but even he has shot himself in the foot with the anti-Trump rhetoric. You have to embrace Trumps complaints and show that you will do a better job at fixing them. When you attack Trump, you are telling people you are not listening to them.

Anonymous said...

For decades, the GOP Establishment has ridiculed its own base as right-wing Evangelical, Bible-thumping bigots who oppose abortion and created problems for them with their Social Issues when they wanted to stick to the fiscal matters. Now they complain that Donald Trump once supported abortion and how dare we support such as heathen?

The answer lies in the fact that the GOP Establishment has much mulcted up the finances of the nation and destroyed the financial vitality of the middle class for almost three decades with "Read my Lips, No New Taxes" Agenda21 Bush and his Mini-Me
"Compassionate Communist" Budget Buster son who raised the Debt from $5.5T to $10.6T (93%) and Budget from $1.9T to $3.1T (63%) in eight years. Of course they had the help of the GOP Led Congress who assisted Bush II into breaking the nation with Sub-prime and TARP only to then facilitate barry soetoro from Indonesia by Funding ObamaCare, Dodd Frank, Illegal Alien Invasion of our Southern Border and now his ISIS Airlift from Syria.

The truth of the matter is we do NOT hold our noses for Trump as he promises to end ObamaCare, stop the Invasion and fix the freaking mess the GOP Establishment has done to our Financial and Fiscal health. He is the only one who opposes TPA/TPP with OWG and a single currency that a Global Central Bank can devalue American Middle Class Wealth for NWO Communism. In fact, it is the GOP Establishment that requires us to hold our noses as they are a rotting corpse.

Anonymous said...

Sensible? You must be joking 825...

As for your numbers, any sources? Why am I doubtful?
Oh that's right, your kind doesn't deal in facts. Keep trying son!