Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hillary So Confident She's Going to Start Airing VEEP Choices.

      With the media all but ready to name her "presumptive" nominee, the Hillary Clinton campaign is ready to start leaking VP names....One is HUD Secretary Julian Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio.
      That's an easy play for Hispanic votes.  Another name is Senator Elizabeth Warren, but there is no way the Dems will risk being that history making, havng an all female ticket. Plus Senator Warren hasn't been a team player for Secretary Clinton.
     Labor Secretary Juan Perez is also mentioned.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Sen Warren, the fake Injun from Massachusetts. Two liars on the ticket would be just fantastic. The fact that they have the proper genitalia is just frosting on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Warren sounds like a good choice for Hillary, since they have in common that they both raked in money from Wall Street.

She needs someone who can help her take FL and OH. Kasich or Christie would be good choices for her, to get the Trump hater GOP on board. Those two both have a proven record for getting elected in donkey town.

Anonymous said...

Gutzy gutzy move on the Beast's part but smarter whomever she chooses.

If she is indicited and she is cuffed,(personally I would like to see her get life, occupy the cell next to Bernie Madoff) will that then be a walk into a nomination by her VP pick?

Anonymous said...

Local man is available.
He's run for everything else.
Guess who?
Hint: Harris Drive Oracle