Thursday, March 24, 2016

Got a Deal on Kitchen Equipment

     On the issue of  snack bars, private or public, there are ways to save money. Today a friend of mine was telling me he bought out the equipment of a pizza/sub shop in Theresa.
     Prep tables, coolers,  conveyer pizza oven, lots more, all at modest prices. Commercial kitchen gear is durable and cheap if you buy it right. Also you can get lots from vendors, especially Big Soda.
     That and trading out some product placement in a prestige, high exposure location and you can do even better.
      The Arena opened today and I am sure people will like the look and feel.  I see that concrete issue is being debated by the commenters. Everyone has an opinion.
      Hopefully all can have the vision to see past the mistakes related to the roll out. The future goes for a long time and so there's plenty of opportunity to succeed...
      I'll be anxious to hear impressions here of the Arena as it was a tough decision and up to know everyone has been commenting in a theoretical way.    

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of this(Theresa) was the equipment for the "Covered in Chocolate" fiasco ever sold?? If it wasn't there's a good deal for someone, not used much, bought with Taxpayers Dollars..........