Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Game On...Trump Builds Lead But the Establishment Not Far Behind

   A big win for Trump in Florida....Clinton too...Kasich looks like he takes Ohio, setting up the anti Trump scenario to block him from getting 1237.
    The Ohio Governor will be emboldened as the new establishment favorite.
     Ted Cruz gets delegates but will not get to 1237 and will have to be able to cut a deal with Kasich or Rubio for number two....Probably Kasich as he will have more delegates and would  be a kind of Joe Biden type candidate in terms of experience and gravitas.
      The most likely deal is a Trump-Cruz ticket as they will control enough numbers between them.
       Who knows. What's interesting is the tens of millions of ads against Trump in FL did nothing, but look for those ads to get more harsh and the media to continue their narrative comparing Trump to Fascists and racists past and present.


Anonymous said...

Television ad no longer work. Voters have become numb to the 24/7 media spin and TV ads. With so many news and entertainment options do the relevancy of television will continue to diminish. Too bad nobody told the candidates.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Will the so-called GOP establishment seek a brokered convention and thus turn against the Trump voters.