Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Friendly Final Four bet? Not likely after Cuomo bans travel by NYS workers to N. Carolina | syracuse.com

      It's a shame we can't have a simple, friendly bet between governors on the Final Four game Saturday between Syracuse and UNC.  Seems our Governor banned travel to NC because their Governor signed a bill on transgender bathroom use that Andy didn't like. How petty.
       Maybe Mayor Miner can step up and do a wager with the mayor of Chapel Hill.
Friendly Final Four bet? Not likely after Cuomo bans travel by NYS workers to N. Carolina | syracuse.com#incart_river_home#incart_river_home#incart_river_home


Anonymous said...

We have an ignorant, ego driven power freak for a governor. Be proud, NYers.

Anonymous said...

Well said 8:10. The worst of the worst..ever. As fake as he can get. There are two NY's. NYC and the rest. Andy knows it and fakes about issues that gets him votes. The ultimate politician. Notice the ethics reform is disappearing...three men in a room.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo has no right to tell me where I can travel and where I can't. He looks like an ass with this declaration.

This state cares more about providing a 3rd bathroom everywhere for the not man/not woman gender than they do about the sexually abused children who can't charge/sue their abusers if the abused children have reached the age of 23 (headline from yesterday). That's saying "you're a young adult - suck it up - deal with the trauma on your own".

For the record, I always travel/connect in N Carolina when I fly and I will continue to do so. I don't give a rat's patuddy if there are separate bathrooms for transgenders.

Like Crazy Ray said ... use the bathroom made for the plumbing you have and get the job done and get out!!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be the next Governor of NYS ??

Andy keeps on digging his hole. All by himself.

Anonymous said...

I work for NYS, and my workplace doesn't have a transgendered bathroom... I should go on strike until one is designated!

Anonymous said...

He didn't ban travel to NC. He banned unnecessary business travel for state workers. Which, if they were a private company they'd be doing virtual meetings anyway.