Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Brings a Renewal of Hope and Appreciation for What is Good

      The nattering nabobs took a day off and there was a glowing story today about families loving the renovated Fairgrounds Arena, although buried near the bottom was a reference to frustration about not being able to get a bite to eat.
      The City will operate the snack bar per Council edict. That was affirmed Friday by Councilman Cody Horbacz on radio and Council was informed Friday the City is seeking DOH approval to operate. How long all of that will take is not known, but I can't imagine it will be long.
      In any event, it's good to see people enjoy something I and others fought for, as in the end, it really is about making Watertown a better place to live.
      Happy Easter and in the spirit of it all I propose a day free of anonymous sniping and acrimony.


rick aldrich said...

Happy Easter Mayor. It is a day to remember, just how human we are. Though we may argue, and disagree with others, we who inhabit this world are all the same, in spirit. When all in this world understand the true meaning of life, there will be no more wars, no hatred, no killings, and no anger.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the daily arena entry. You obviously don't have to adhere to this advice. But, it looks desperate and very weak to be defending this day after day. I usually support you on issues. Did not on this one. But what's done is done. It SHOULD be a nice facility for that price tag. You would be the first one to criticize it if it wasn't. That's taxpayer dollars that was spent and in my view, poorly. But, the constant defense of this thing is making think it was a true waste of money and now makes me further believe that you don't have faith in those running it. Time to clean house it appears.

Jeff Graham said...

1136 Well, as for daily defense, I am sure City Hall doesn't like what's written here, especially on the concession issue and the momentary refusal to follow Council's directive. That doesn't mean I can't celebrate an improved facility.
It is a nice facility. And yes I supported it despite reservations about design. You don't win every debate and there were many other voices listened to.
Time will tell who is right.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Mayor! Hope you enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

City Hall shouldn't care what is written here. I posted the first comment. I think that is why we have had some of this negativity towards anything that has happened particularly with sports and recreation. I also don't think it's about wrong or right. All the facilities needed work, Arena, pool, ballpark, etc. In my opinion it's way too late, but, I can respect the effort. As someone as fiscally responsible as you have been in your tenure, the facility better be nice for the price tag. That's basically what I am saying along with the fact that a positive voice needs to be over there selling it. The guy that was hired from the YMCA is a great start. It's like your bar business. You have to have personality behind the bar or people will go elsewhere to drink. Same concept here. It all gets overcomplicated. There isn't much money at all in concession, it's all in the booze for the few events that take place where their will be significant attendance. The best plan was rent including that vendor having to get the alcohol rights. It's too bad every other Arena in the state can get this done but we can't. Just my opinion but one that has experience in operating events. I did some work at the Times Union and we never struggled with this.