Friday, March 11, 2016

Donald Trump rally in Chicago postponed due to 'safety reasons' –the Guardian

        With the media beating the drum about violence at Trump rallies, the candidate had to cancel an event in Chicago due to safety  concerns.
         Protestors and crowds in the streets of the Windy City are a result of the constant allusion to race in the nation's politics.
         It is a throwback to 1968 when Chicago led the way in turmoil on the streets.  This is one interesting political season.   Where's Mayor Daley ?
        Donald Trump rally in Chicago postponed due to 'safety reasons' – live | US news | The Guardian


Anonymous said...

Sanders fascists supporters put a stop to free speech.
I can't wait till president Trump uses his drones on these types.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Who will wear the violent agitator Tag?"
The Democratic Party has Hillary Clinton who may be a convicted felon before the Democratic Primary is over depending on how the email scandal investigation by the Justice Dept. and FBI goes. A Socialist who wants Gov't to control 90% percent of every dollar an American earns, and now has people from Move-on. Org. and Black Lives Matter showing up to disrupt Trump rallies.
Well tonight in Chicago Donald Trump in the interest of public safety, conceded that all Republican's 1st Amendment rights are in jeopardy. Republicans didn't throw the first punch, but I suspect we'll throw the last punch if necessary. When Ted Cruz for political advantage blames it on Mr. Trump, when organized and paid disrupters show up at Mr. Trump’s events, I say Ted Cruz is abandoning all Republicans right to organize and assemble peacefully to hear their candidate speak.
Again, I say Republicans didn't throw the first punch, but if we have to defend our 1st Amendment rights to assemble and speak freely, we'll more than willing to throw the last punch, in our fight to elect Donald J. Trump the next President of these United States!
Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'


Anonymous said...

Looks like Der Fuherer and his jack booted hillbilly thugs were outnumbered. Poor babies.

Anonymous said...

It seems these leftist activists are just as clueless as the GOP establishment. This violence will only help Trump get elected.

rick aldrich said...

Chicago is as low as it gets, in America. Yes, the very same Chicago that hates the police, but is ok with people who murder each other, daily, no matter an innocent child ,mother, father..... Maybe we should build a wall around the city with huge signs, that say "Enter at your own Risk".

Anonymous said...

;I remember the good ole days of the Chicago seven and the riots of the 1968 democratic convention.. After the dust settled it was found out that 90 % of the trouble was sponsored by a small group of Republican party conspirators and staged by TV networks that would be johny on the spot to tape..
Same ole BS going on now.. Notice how many times CNN showed the same scenes over and over and over then cried it was Trumps fault.
This Republican establishment crowd and their special interest groups have undoubtly started this series of disruptive tactics to try and derail Trump...
Trump cant be bought and they worry he will win and must be stopped..

Anonymous said...


Your take on revisionist history would make a good Twilight Zone episode. Next you will be saying that Bill Ayers is a CIA operative. I think you should look to George Soros as the source of this activity.

NY21inMD said...

The violence at these rallies is troubling. Protesters have a right to protest but they must realize they may be verbally assaulted and even physically attacked. The physical attacks, however, are inexcusable. And Trump's rhetoric only emboldens his followers to take these despicable actions. Anyone attacking a protester should be arrested and charged. Let security and the police deal with the protesters.

As far as Trump goes, he is supported by a minority in the minority party. It is not clear how he wins a general election or how his "policies" become accepted by the general electorate. As a moderate Democrat, I can only hope that Trump phenomenon blows up the Republican Party and that, over the next few election cycles, the party reforms into a coherent, principled check on the worst ideas the Democrats have to offer. As of now, the Republican Party is the dysfunction in this country.

Anonymous said...

Well said 1040. Though I see this election as the end of the old segment of the gop. We may very well see a true 3 party system in the U.S.

Anonymous said...


You make it sound like they are peaceful protesters.They are the ones that are initiating the violence., the brown shirt wing of the Bernie Sanders movement, has taken credit for the attacks in Chicago that have denied The Donald his First Amendment right to Free Speech.

Anonymous said...



Beyond building his idiotic “beautiful wall”, “loading up Gitmo with bad dudes”, and shamelessly hawking his $h!tty steaks and wine to “the poorly educated” he so dearly loves, there is no policies.
This third rate huckster doesn’t even know what the Nuclear Triad Commission is.

Now call me crazy, but someone running for president should know enough about the nuclear triad to at least fake a plausible response.

Anonymous said...

You have to love the "blame the victim" mentality that the left wing lunatics are trying to peg on this. You can bet if some Trumpsters showed up at a freestuff Bernie rally, to "protest" as these slacker lazy trouble making Bernie supporters are doing, the MSN would place the entire blame on the protesters. But when its thug communist protesters showing up at a Trump rally, they just call it free speech being exorcized to disrupt. The public is not going to buy this crap.

rick aldrich said...

10:40am; if you a Hillary supporter, it's ok, I will not hate you, just sorry.