Thursday, March 10, 2016

Donald Trump continues to Poke at Islam in Anderson Cooper interview | Daily Mail Online

        Although he was choosing his words carefully, Donald Trump gave his media opponents reason to rage and start asking the straw man questions of others trying to goad them into condemning Trump for saying Islam hates us.

         Well there is a radicalized political element melded with Islam in a campaign against the infidels, but no not every Muslim is up to no good and many are productive Americans.

         Still Joe and Mika were trying to get the Governor of Florida to react and Joe unleased a tirade against Trump. Scarborough was a Jeb Bush supporter and now likely is frantic to get Marco Rubio to win Tuesday in the Sunshine State.

Donald Trump continues anti-Muslim campaign in Anderson Cooper interview | Daily Mail Online

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Anonymous said...

He didn't say Muslims hate us he said Islam hates us.
Its only half of Muslims that hate us.