Saturday, March 12, 2016

DC Votes for Rubio.....He Is the Establishment Choice

    The insider's choice who says he is not establishment, won the establishment primary today in the District of Columbia.  The city's small but connected GOP contingent vote for Marco Rubio followed closely by John Kasich....Donald Trump and Ted Cruz finished out of the delegate running.
    Out in Wyoming, Ted Cruz rolled in the first round of that state's selection process.
     I think Hillary Clinton won somewhere out in the Pacific today.
      Meanwhile Ohio fans of Senator Rubio are balking at being asked to make a strategic vote or John Kasich in order to try and deny Donald Trump the winner take all 66 delegates from the Buckeye State.  Seems people don't like their vote to be part of someone else's strategy.


rick aldrich said...

I would say, that Rubio's plan, is another reason, to add to the growing list of reasons, why people are turning out against the establishment politicians. Like him or not, but Donald Trump is the only candidate, who has brought the political establishment to its knees.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Super Pacs formed to beat Trump are really the people behind the riots and disturbances at Trump Rallys. Like in the 60s when the 68 convention staged riots in unison with TV networks to be on the spot filming when these things happened.. CNN I notices just films one or two happenings then continuously reruns the same footage for days while spewing their venom.. Fox also has tried to destroy the Donald and they are only making themselves look bad. The chosen few in the Republican party are attempting to take away the peoples right to vote and independantly think while offering these robotic canidates they represent.. Mostly the lobbists and the corporations they represent are upset because they never have had a canidate they cant buy.......