Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cuomo Preaches (Litterally) For Higher Wage

     Sunday morning Governor Cuomo went to church.  To the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York.
     Mr. Cuomo was not there for spiritual fulfillment.
     He was there to solicit support for his proposed $15 an hour wage.
     The measure is a major part of his budget proposal but Senate Republicans have pledged to block it, but they are not expressing their opposition in church.


dajeep said...

Did Handy Andy get a ride on his $15.00 an hour tour/campaign bus down there? That's a safe place for him, I guess. I wonder when his next visit to WNY will be after Benito's Buffalo Boondoggle caper. Andy, what a prince of a guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who taught who, but our Benito can scream and preach as well as the Liar in Chief. If you listen to the words, you will hear nothing but bs. But the way he raises and lowers his voice and pauses as if in deep thought is very impresses to dumbasses everywhere. Not much chance that kind of crap will lose its appeal to the mindless, wherever they are.

Anonymous said...

1048.. All your cute language and name calling only covers the one fact you cant accept..
In NYS we have the SAFE act courtesy of the Republican Senators. Period.

Anonymous said...

Just a phony pol .

Anonymous said...

If Cuomo were in Congress he'd say this bus was his 'mobile' office. When we all know it's just a thinly veiled, portable campaign banner.