Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cuomo Continues to Show Mastery of Legislature

     Governor Cuomo continues to play chess to everyone else's checkers when it comes to the $15 minimum wage. 
     The use of the wage boards in certain industries. The split upstate-downstate phase ins.....and now a promise of a special deal will be offered for farmers to help them pay for the higher wage.
      Those without a lobby or a sympathy factor are on their own.
       Someone who knows how all this works told me the other night its all done. The wage will be approved with a side deal for upstate lawmakers to placate farmers.
       Game, set, match for the Governor.


Anonymous said...

That's just ridiculous. It was the AG who came up with the wage board idea. Cuomo had nothing to do with the idea about how to cheat at chess, he merely did the cheating.

And then a corrupt GOP elects a corrupt leader and you give Cuomo credit for them caving on something their base doesn't want?

Sure it might be Cuomo's idea to exempt the factory farms that dominate our north country economy, but that is not why it will pass if it passes.

I see that Potsdam is not allowed to fire the code officer that deserves to be fired, and instead needs to give him back pay and pension, thanks to Albany. One more example of how Albany "gives us more than we get".

Anonymous said...

And who will help the agencies that get all their funding from the state and federal government. The CREDOs, the DPAOs the JRCs. And then we have those that make a living off medicaid / medicare, the hopsitals. Each of those employers employ hundreds if not thousands of employees. Most of those make less than $15 per hour. The will lose their jobs or the government will increase the reimbursement rates. Once the rates are increased who do you thing will pay it.

It is Decreasing the incentive to work hard and make decent money

Anonymous said...

7:15 Addie is this you?

Anonymous said...

Don't give so much credit to Benito. He can count. He knows that NYS is full of dumbasses. How else could he have been elected? Most people around the golf course think this $15 wage is a cool thing. It makes them feel like they are feeling. Feelings are everything, per se. Thought, not so much. For two generations our best have left, or secured government jobs. We have left what we have left.

Anonymous said...

And yet they already increased the minimum wage in your industry by 50% without a peep from the NYS and national restaurant associations etc...