Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cruz Says It's a Two Person Race

    Senator Ted Cruz told supporters in Houston that it's really a two person race between him and Donald Trump.....He also said Mr. Trump is being propped up by media who see him as the only candidate who can be beaten by Hillary Clinton.
       Mr. Cruz says only he and Trump have any chance to win the nomination on the first ballot. Mr. Cruz is neck and neck with Mr. Trump in Missouri.
       "Together we will make Washington less relevant in all of our lives, " said the Senator.


Anonymous said...

Kasich's presence will continue to facilitate Trump victories in the up coming primaries. Anti-establishment vote is running 60 to 75 percent. Establishment will attempt to steal nomination at the convention.

Anonymous said...

Let pray is Kasich who steals it away and not Cruz. The guy is a sleaze.

Anonymous said...

In November if I have the three spots in front of me....Donald, Hill-Dog, and Jill. I will take the commi. You decide which one that is.

Anonymous said...

The establishment will attempt to steal the nomination at the convention?

Thanks Captain Obvious!

Anyone watching the last few months has seen it coming.

Anonymous said...

Our election system is just too damn long! We spend years fighting over each other and the media loves to over report anything that looks bad. In Canada they have a very short time to present their agendas then they vote. The media 'jackals' here just ruin it all.

otherwords1 said...

Kasich will not have enough Republicans voting for him to justify any such "decision" by the few representing the many at the convention. If that happens, Trump will split the Party right down the middle with an independent run. The backlash could tilt the election to Hillary. The real question for Republicans will then be...who is better, Trump or Clinton?
McConnell would rather see Trump than Clinton. So would all the Republicans in Congress. That might be their best chance to pass legislation Republicans want.