Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cruz rips affairs story as ‘tabloid smear’ by Trump camp | New York Post

   A "Cuban Mistress Crisis" blared the headlines.
    Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson is ID'd on social media as one of five woman who slept with Senator Ted Cruz.
    A Boston Herald reporter on live television accuses another panelist, former Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter, of being one of the five. She denied it.
    Sex is not uncommon in the high speed world of politics and many would say, 'so what'.  Except when you already have the moniker "lyin' Ted."  
     It's rough, but using a nude photo of Melania Trump to frighten Utah voters worked and turnabout is fair play.
     The Enquirer has been in this spot before. Remember the Monkey Business ?
Cruz rips affairs story as ‘tabloid smear’ by Trump camp | New York Post


Anonymous said...

Love watching these two ASSHAT politicians destroying one another , shows just how inept they BOTH are .

H'mm in both cases the emperor has no clothes ...oh wait a minute that's Melania , bad .

Anonymous said...

The Trump spokeswoman has also denied an affair. Rubio camp is now being blamed. Rubio should not throw stones.

Anonymous said...

Cruz would be lucky to have had an affair with someone like the Trump gal. Cruz is creepy.

Anonymous said...

A sensible person views a Clinton Presidency as a disaster for the county, one it may not be able recover. Under Clinton, expect the Constitution to be shredded, with the first and second amendments to go. Expect third world status as Clinton continues the disastrous open border policies and expect financial collapse as business gets crushed under ever more regulation and the nation's debt will increase at an almost exponential rate as all that free stuff Clinton is promising comes due. The military will continue to decline, crime will increase and soon the US will fall to third world status.

The problem is the Republicans are aiding and indeed almost promoting a Clinton presidency. Trump's and now Cruz's juvenile behavior almost assures a Clinton Presidency. The Republican party will never recover from the upcoming disaster that is almost certain to happen this November.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

We have heard it all before, first sigh, then deny, lie, comply, lay low, recover, sneak back into the limelight, rake in millions, and start all over again.

A pattern developing here I suspect like in the past and for a very long, long time: JFK, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Ben Affleck, Spitzer, Herman Cain, Newt, Mark Sanford, Ensign, Fossella, Vitter, both sides of politics - all parts of life.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

Sex, lies, and videotape; are minor things in life, to worry so much about. What people should be more concerned about, is when there is a display of arrogance, and ignorance, when it comes to the needless loss of life; and those involved carry on in public, but "what difference does it make". The difference is when it comes knocking on your door. Then, maybe, people will start coming together.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

p.s. , those are the real types of people, that we should be more worried about.