Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cruz Finding What It's Like to Take on Trump

      Politics is not easy and Senator Ted Cruz is finding that out as what started as a tit for tat over wives ballooned to an Enquirer story about dalliances that left the Texas Senator very testy, calling Donald Trump a "sniveling coward".  He was then asked if he will still support Trump if he is the nominee and like others in his party, didn't have a convincing answer.
     Again Mr. Trump has drawn an opponent into the mud and the result for 14 others has not been so good.
      Of course, the flip side is Mr. Trump is finding he is alienating more and more people he might need if he is the nominee. 
       For weeks, Mr. Trump has portrayed Mr. Cruz as a liar who holds up the Bible and lies.  The infidelity stories were shopped to media before, so its not new. But they come out now at a time where they fit the narrative.
       That suggests a level of political acumen in the Trump campaign that belies the candidate's status as a political newcomer.


Anonymous said...

Trump has redefined "mud"

People now just consider Trump a "fighter" and then it goes a step further this is what he will do for us and America.

Beautifully crafted campaign

Anonymous said...

Trump will be buried in the general elction , he will never carry the minority ( which is now the majority ) vote , the female vote , the first generation naturized citizen vote and MOST educated and or people who understand the DEPTH of his megalomaniacal personality . This man is dangerous , listens to no one and has an ego bigger than life .

Moreover as a egocentric silver spooner jump started with daddys money , he has zero respect for and or empathy toward those of us who work for a living . HIs personal life style is a ruse, this sad little man has had 3 wives two of which are trashy and have milked the cash cow by aligning themselves with this sorry little man .

Again IF , and it is a huge IF he survives as the GOP nominee in spite of the obvious coup being planned for the Cleaveland convention ,he will be buried in the general election like Goldwater was back in 1964 . He has simply pissed off too many of the majority demographic and that WILL come home to roost .

Anonymous said...

They are BOTH pukes !!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Trump has the media right where he wants them in the palm of his hands.

Unless and until, if ever, the media starts holding Trump to account, he will continue to control the spin, the agenda, and the switches to the spotlights all focused on him and only him. If Trump is anything, it's that he is a media PR genius ... who can change the tone and point of an interview in a split second and dodge the tough questions with this sharp tongue and emptiness for nothing while he spews sound bites he reads about daily or hears on talk radio.