Monday, March 7, 2016

Council to Vote on Latest Baseball Deal

       Pro baseball will likely be at the Fairgrounds again this summer as a new itteration of the Watertown Bucks will be considered by Council.
       It's been a tough proposition for years to keep pro or non pro ball there.  It's good entertainment at a reasonable cost but in today's world there are plenty of other thngs to do.


Anonymous said...

Yikes...another "pro" league for our beloved city...IS Chuckie Cheese or whatever his name is going to foot the bill for this. Pro ball died with the Indians..leave it at that. The college thing was much better.

Anonymous said...

What a joke this is. Might just as well make it a beer league. That guy who left his job at chan 7 to be involved in this non-sense must be kicking himself.