Saturday, March 26, 2016

Clinton Feels the Bern, and It's Game On in the Badger State

     Senator Bernie Sanders delivered decisive blows to Hillary Clinton in three caucuses out west. While the media dismisses it as just "white" states Mrs Clinton was supposed to lose the margins were huuuuuuge.
       I watched the Senator's speech in Madison, WI. It was an impressive performance in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd. Putting aside policy and ideology, Mr. Sanders has lit a fire while Hillary Clinton continues to look like it's her turn...
      Sort of the Bob Dole of the Democratic Party.
      It really is amazing a 74 year old relatively obscure Senator can mount such an impressive effort. His performance this weekend will open the money spigots again for the run at Wisconsin on April 5
       What would be funny is if Mrs. Clinton was forced to abandon identity politics and put the old, white guy on the ticket..


Max Volume said...

It's really sad that these two clowns are all that the donkeys have in their arsenal and they expect America to choose one of them to be President of the greatest country on earth.

Please remember that the Clinton's were basically ran-out of Arkansas, so they elected to set-up a P.O. box in New York so they could be NY "citizens" which the 'sheeple' fell for hook, line and sinker. We call them "carpetbaggers" where I come from.

So you donkeys have a choice: Socialism or another Clinton. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Sanders,one of the grumpy old men muppets in the balcony.

Anonymous said...

With the unelected party hacks on board there's no way Hillary will not receive the nomination. For Republicans that good and bad news. The good news is that everyone in the country, with the exception of one individual, would defeat Hillary in the General election. The bad news is the party is looking to give the nomination to the that one person who looses to Clinton.

Anonymous said...

And you repugnicans have an even WORSE nchoice a greedy, maegalomaniac with narcissistic tendencies who us a serial mysoginist , or a religious nut case who has serial affairs and even colleagues hate him