Thursday, March 17, 2016

Citizen Journalists Continue to Catch Events in Real Time

     The role of the citizen journalist continues to grow. A photo on Newzjunky shows lightning in Henderson last night It was  shot by Jayla White and is an example of non traditional news that catches your eye.

     So much of traditional news are pieces held too long or set pieces destined to run regardless of what crops up in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

Are temperatures inside lightning hotter than those on the sun?

Anonymous said...

If they did run a photo like that in the WDT it would no doubt be in black and white, and enlarged so much it would be blurry.

Anonymous said...

In most cases, as seen with Junknews, the publishers of news, whatever the format, are simply pushing a play button using other's sources of info. They gather nothing. They just filter it down until it meets their program needs. What worries me about this is media has now morphed into a one voice monster. Mainstream media is in lockstep, and has been for a long time. Which is one of the main reasons dumbasses everywhere think in lockstep. Most can't answer the simplest of questions on most any topic. We instead gear into slogans and smear campaigns. They stick with people who don't think. This year's theme appears to be Trump is a racist and has no vagina. Because we have many deep thinkers, that might be enough to keep government functioning so well, as it has for the past decade. Don't rock a sinking ship. My advice to you is if you have not built a life for yourself, don't try. Secure a firm position within the group of people who don't work, don't worry about health insurance costs or feeding and clothing their kids. And if you concern yourself with the effectiveness of education, you're also a bit of a fool. As one young friend told me while I was working midnight's on a freight dock to go to school, "be dumb, make the same money". No truer words have ever been spoken.