Friday, March 11, 2016

Carson Presser Provides another Media Cycle for Trump

         A nearly hour long presser carried live this AM as Dr. Ben Carson delivered his endorsement and Donald Trump continued his more disciplined, Presidential demeanor that surfaced in last night's debate.
          Mr. Trump also opened fire on Governor John Kasich in a bid to deliver a Sunshine-Buckeye, one- two punch on Tuesday.
          The depth of establishment opposition means the effort to derail him will continue but the math gets tougher if he wins both.


Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny that the Republican elite have hired protesters to revolt only at Donald Trump rallys... Another step they have taken to assure someone that they have bought and paid for will win in the fall..

Anonymous said...

Um no 7:04PM. What’s funny is that you are unable to provide verifiable sources to back up your dubious claim.