Monday, March 14, 2016

Carl Paladino to NY GOP leaders: Get behind Donald Trump, or else

     Carl Paladino may not be the state GOP chair but the guy who is chair is so lame, Mr. Paladino gets the attention.
     There's more to leadership than marrying a Nixon daughter.
      Mr. Paladino has reiterated his appeal to New York's Congressional delegation to get behind the Trump candidacy, and save what's left, he says, of their "pathetic" political careers.
       New York's Presidential primary is April 19.
Carl Paladino to NY GOP leaders: Get behind Donald Trump, or else |


Anonymous said...

"or else" what Carl? Huff and puff all you want, sounds so much like the the great Donald that says 'women need to be treated like sh## or he likes to see them on their knees.

Orange Top has done nothing for upstate NY, frankly it is a toss up as to who the bigger jerk is Crazy Carl or Orange Top.

Anonymous said...

Going to be real embarrassing when the national press finally gets wind that Trump is not that well like in Woodchuck land or anywhere north of the Tappanzee. Imagine the name calling we will be hearing shortly.

Bible thumping, backward NRA gun loving hicks.

Anonymous said...

I like Carl and I like Trump, but he deserves his nickname.
It's none of his business who endorses who. The more proper thing for them to do is to stay neutral until after the primary.