Thursday, March 10, 2016

CAB Meeting

      Went to the Citizens Advisory Board monthly meeting today to keep up on what's going on.
      It's a little surreal having been so involved all those years to just parachute in once in a while.
      I noticed the Mayor's portrait is now on the back wall.....there was talk of landlord registration coming soon,  talk about the Park pool and about the latest "Hunger Games" competition for Regional Council money.  $10M to one NNY community.  Kumbaya !
       There was talk about some projects in town and I brought up the North Side League but seemed like mums the word on that one.
       No work on the first floor renovations for the Court either.  The pace of life hasn't picked up.
        This was the last CAB meeting for Ken Mix who is retiring. He got a round of applause.


Anonymous said...

Why would you bring up a topic about something on the North side?
No one cares about the north side.

Anonymous said...

More spinning wheels