Friday, March 4, 2016

Business Accolades

      Another awards luncheon as local businesses got awards.  The top business was one that abandoned downtown to build a nice new building in the burbs.
       There are lots of fine businesses and anyone who survives in NY is laudable.
        That's going to be more difficult in the future.
         We have some fine businesses in my neighborhood like NYAB and Jain Irrigation. I want to give them some recognition.


Anonymous said...

nice photo of tirene and dandy don

Anonymous said...

The ones that don't survive in NY are laudable too.

Can you imagine if you were an RBC client and read in the paper that they are one of the most profitable offices? What does that tell you? They can afford a new building, that's what it tell you.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to this this city manager to drive more business out of watertown and then reward them. Wake up addison and take an interest in this community. There is more to your job than just cutting services and taxing people more.