Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bernie's Got Cash

     The extra day in February helped Senator Bernie Sanders reach a goal  The challenger to Hillary Clinton raised over $40M last month, and he got a Super Tuesday eve gift in the release of thousands more e-mails, some two thousand of which were deemed classified.
      The issue won't turn many primary voters but it's not lost on the GOP readying for its run against Secretary Clinton.
       Some wins today would help keep the Sanders' campaign going, but the delegate math is daunting. The Vermont Senator will take his home state and is though competitive in MN,MA,CO, and OK.   The solid fundraising from small donors is a thorn in the side to the establishment anxious to end the challenge to the front runner.
        Over on the Republican side it will be interesting to see if frenzed last minute efforts to derail Donald Trump succeed.


Anonymous said...

I certainly disagree with almost everything Senders says and stands for but I do give him credit. From all appearances he's genuine and honest, traits very much lacking in his opponent. Sanders never stood a chance. The Democratic party is democratic in name only. Wth The so-called super delegates whose ranks include a large assortment of party hacks and Washington insiders allows the so-called party elite to select the candidate.

The theme of the Democratic party for this year's election is now emerging. Playing the race card is the center piece of their theme.

We also are seeing MSM joining to support that theme. Every day we see articles expressing the opinion Republicans are somehow racist for not embracing the President's pick for the Supreme court and now they're starting to attack Trump who with his off-the-cuff, ill thought out comments will certainly give them material.

Anonymous said...

This is the money in politics Bernie and Danny keep talking about? What is the ROI on $40MM, if Crash&Bern pays back his donors with $19 trillion worth of free stuff?

Ironically, the money that is being donated to him is all coming from student loans and professor paychecks.

Ray said...

I like his ads on TV. No attacks. Just pleasant images and music. Save the country kind of vibe. Flags are waving. People are happy. I think I saw people playing the bongos.