Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another Lost Tradition

  So I am not crazy...On the HOTLINE the other day I was reminiscing about taking an orange and piercing it with cloves....Nobody knew what I was talking about....But it's actually called a Pomander Ball. 
     I must be old.
Pomander ball Christmas gift


Anonymous said...

Jeff, if you're old, then so am I! My family carried out this tradition at Christmas when I was a child, and we continue to do so today. It creates a great aroma for the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

My wife does it, a tradition around thanksgiving with our daughters.

Ray said...

I remember if you didn't get an orange in your stocking, you must have been bad.

Anonymous said...

The answer is yes,Jeff,you are older than dirt,think that was a custom back in the great depression or earlier..