Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Tough Question for Your Legislator

      A reader made this observation and you may want to ask your state lawmaker this when the budget is announced this week.
       If the minimum wage needs to be higher in 2018 ($15) in NYC than upstate which will rise to $15 an hour by 2023, why does it make sense the two regions are at the same level at the end of the progression ? In other words, shouldn't NYC be say $18 by 2023 if the current thinking is valid ?


Anonymous said...

Addie, Why is it 93% of businesses in upstate NY do not want this harsh demand by your fellow brethen to be imposed.

Are you intelligent enough to understand what this will do to businesses and what this will do to the cost of products to everyday voters in our district. Why even in Walmart they won't be able to pay $15.00 an hour without increasing the cost of items that are sold.

Gilbbert, Finley and Byrne one of you better take her out this cycle over this issue.

Somebody should be protesting in front of her office.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jeff. Both wages should be higher.

Anonymous said...

Why don't waddle your lazy butt out to Paddie's office to protest 1232?
Or would you rather sit around making false claims about wal-mart's ability to pay more? Do some research pal.

Anonymous said...

Because all these toads can stand in front of the stupid on mass and tell them they got them a raise. They will nod. Some will vote for them.