Tuesday, March 15, 2016

$15 an Hour Lifeguards Will Add Further to Pool Costs

     The Thompson Park pool will remain closed another year, and the arc suggests it will remain that way.  Council members say they want it open but Mayor Butler is expressing concern over the cost of fixing it up which will run in the millions.
     Something else to consider. The pool was closed a couple , three years ago, not as much due to condition but a desire to trim operating costs.
     Those operating costs will rise with the $15 minimum wage which now appears a certainty. Lifeguards have been paid minimum wage.  Given the job one could easily argue they should be paid $15.
      Add to that the debt service and it would institutionalize a tax hike for years to come.
       If done, it should include the bath house and public rest rooms to enhance park use not just during swimming season.
        Council wants more numbers before deciding and three members are firmly behind the plan.


Anonymous said...

Don't they already make $15/hr?

Anonymous said...

We could always contract it out to the lowest bidder.