Thursday, February 25, 2016

Woman Charged With Slapping Man

     In Canton a 29 year old woman was arrested for slapping a man across the face. OK, we don't know all the facts but it would be a cold day in Hell before I'd be whining to the law if a woman slapped me.
      If there are other factors, fine. That's why we leave names out of the prose, but a slap is one of society's self regulators against boorish behavior.
      It's all part of the drama based lives that with the immediacy of the cell phone results in so many people getting themselves on the criminal justice treadmill when its better to turn the other cheek.
      Left out of the police account is whether the dude deserved it.


Anonymous said...

Boy Jeff, Are you on the wrong side of this issue. Good for the man that filed the assult charge against the female. If the roles had been reversed you would have had Gestapo like Senator Gilly accusing the guy of sexual harrassment, sexual assult and labeling him a lifelong rapist.

Look what constitutes sexual harrassment in the military manual, you accidently brush up against another service member and you can be reported.

I saw enough of this garbage from a fellow worker that was verbally and physically abused by a whackjob wife for years. At some point over the years and started to believe that it was his fault that he was a failure and he deserved to be abused. He never did go to the police cause he didn't want it to become public knowledge that he had become so emotionally abused he couldn't function.

WTF is going on with men, is it the salt in the water or some additional additive in the floride the gov. has been spiking the water we've been drinking.

Sue her!

Anonymous said...

If he deserved it, they wouldn't have arrested her.

Just remember, every time you refuse to press charges, you are giving the person a green light and go victimize the next person. Its funny how each of us have our own opinion of what our civic duties are.

Are you going to blog about all the men who were charged, when it was the woman who deserved it?

Anonymous said...

Let me think, how many times have I been slapped. Does this include my own Mom? Such BS. We will spend hundreds on this little incident. Then we will provide counseling for this incident, for a few thousand more. Then we will put the slapper on probation, thus sending officers out to supervise. I hear that's free. Maybe I'm wrong.

rick aldrich said...

Jeff, I agree with you, and 11:02am . We have allowed some of the most ridiculous actions to be sent to the court system, that would be best dealt with, in other manners. We have become a nation of wusses, where the family structure and discipline, has been replaced by a system ,where money talks and bs walks.

Anonymous said...

If only teacher were allowed to slap students.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she should have been charged with child endangerment too.