Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Will There Be a "Return to the Norm" for the GOP ?

       A local Republican I know likes to use the phrase "return to the norm" in reference to life's aversion to extremes, but will that happen with today's GOP where the establishment in frantically turning to a man light on gravitas and with a resume similar to Barack Obama.
        All sorts of insiders and the donor class from Jeb! is turning to Marco Rubio. Meanwhile Ted Cruz is under increased fire while the party also wants Governor John Kasich to relent.  They like Ben Carson staying in as his following is not Rubio friendly.
        While insiders are also quietly opening talks with TeamTrump in case he wins, the establishment will take anyone over Trump, who represents rank and file repudiation of the elites.
         The irony ?  Old guard support and big money has been discredited this year.
          If  there's no change by March 15, Mr. Trump will likely have enough delegates he can't be stopped.
          Next move ? A discrete offer to Mr. Kasich to be Senator Rubio's running mate to buy him out. I don't know why a sitting Governor would want to play the "heartbeat away' role at age 66, and likely feels any deal should be the other way around. Mr. Rubio may find that hard to accept  but it could play out that way. Of course, Kasich or Rubio may end up being Mr. Trump's number 2.
         Let's see what happens tonight in the Nevada caucus, which could give Mr. Trump a symbolic boost into next Tuesday when eleven states weigh in.



Anonymous said...

trump will likely eke out another 30% +/- win, with Rubio less than 10% behind him.
Cruz will be lucky to pull 20%, but probably a bit less.
As far as Kasich and Carson, 7-8% respectively.
I wouldn't be surprised if Kasich steps aside and endorses Rubio after pulling in single digits.
His name is being bandied about as a strong VP choice.
Carson? He simply needs to bow out. But is too self important to do so.

Anonymous said...

You don't think VP is a promotion from governor?

Kasich should have dropped his "be nice at all costs" philosophy and he could have won this.

I am glad you you are sticking with your "Rubio is dumb" meme. Just like GWB and Quayle were dumb. Only the democrats run smart people...like Gore and Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Cruz and Trump will have a toss up for first in Nevada. Rubio will be third followed by Carson. Kasich will get little support. Brokered convention Rubio's only chance.

Anonymous said...

Gop melt down in process , news at 11😆

Anonymous said...

Toss-up between Cruz and Trump 725? No way!

Anonymous said...

“Only the democrats run smart people...”

Duh! That’s why Trump is running as a Republican.

Ted Ford said...

The handwriting on the wall is becoming visible. It is Trump. What I wonder about is the 'downballot' implications for other Republicans. A fairly large number of the 60 percent who haven't supported the Donald so far will go to the polls in November. Or will they? Can candidates like Elise and Patty proudly stand by the standard bearer? Can mainstream Republicans that wouldn't use the language or voice the crudities of Trump fill in his box?
I truly think many downballot candidates might have some concerns with turnout and standing in the shadow of the character of their ballot leader.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

If the GOP nominates T-rump: forget normalcy ... that is gone forever .... and Rubio, ha ... lest we forget:

Old-school Republicans like 1996 GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole are lining up to support Rubio.

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times opinion writer Paul Krugman insists that "one shouldn't treat establishment support as an indication that Mr. Rubio is moderate and sensible. On the contrary, not long ago someone holding his policy views would have been considered a fringe crank."

Plus, Rubio's proposed tax cuts and balanced-budget-amendment plan are contradictory and would be "catastrophic" in a recession. And that's just for starters.

Recall, too, that Rubio was a TEA "Party" favorite when he ran for the Senate in 2010. But 2010's Republican radical is today's reasonable alternative. That is, when the front-runner for the GOP nomination is businessman Donald Trump, who has channeled outsider outrage at Washington business-as-usual and been rewarded for it.

Hang on tight pot holes ahead.

Anonymous said...

You're right 102. Trump had to leave the Dems years ago, due to low IQ. So it's true, that's why he has to run as a Republican.