Thursday, February 25, 2016

Will Andy's Bus Make it to Public Square ?

      There are many people within spittin' district of Watertown's Public Square who would like to be paid $15 an hour, so I wonder if Governor Cuomo's raise-the-wage bus tour will make it this far north ?
          The wage proposal is part of the budget measures now before the Legislature.


Anonymous said...

I saw that the only grocery store in Star Lake is closing.
If they won't pay a living wage, they don't deserve to be open.
Maybe they will reopen when Andy is done paying for the train tracks to be refurbished.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance that bus veers North of the Thruway.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that his armed security detail is employed making their pay scale higher if Andy Dandy is seeking $15 for part timers with no educational skills.

Game is rigged folks and you are paying for this bus tour. Misuse of public funds when this is simply campaigning.

Addie, can you fill us in when you will be hopping on this bus, we would all love to put up signs Addie, please go back to Albany.

Anonymous said...

Not that it really matters, as the average person, especially in the north country, is now little more than a pawn of the leftist elite running wall street and the unions, hiding behind false liberal bias, but:

As management guru Peter Drucker noted, businesses don't have profits, they only have expenses. Value creation boils down to cutting costs, boosting revenues and increasing productivity.

Anonymous said...

Benito looks so good. If I were a girl I'd send him a selfie.