Sunday, February 14, 2016

Who'd Want the Nomination

      Will a sitting judge agree to be a nominee, knowing they will be raked over for months and not be confirmed, and even if a Dem wins the White House there's no guarantee that person would re-nominate and no guarantee the Senate in place next year would be agreeable ?

      Not for nothing, you have to be a good Democrat to spend 2015 on that bubble, in front of that train.

Obama's Supreme Court short list


Anonymous said...

I bet Cruz would gladly accept the nomination.
Or how about Hillary? She could save face on her POTUS bid.
The GOP would have to choose between getting her out of the way by putting her on the Court, or else risk having her be president.
And Biden would be free to step in and run against the Bernie guy.
And Hillary could help overturn her pending conviction.

Anonymous said...

Keep dreamin 1157. Cruz is next to go after Carson. Hilly won't be convicted of anything. Just sit back and watch her roll to victory! Nothin you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Senator Cruz would be the ideal nominee. He has the credentials, would not change the current balance of the court and would receive confirmation. This could be a win - win, a win for the current administration and a win for the American people.

It's unlikely he would get the nomination but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

I see that some county judge pronounced him dead of a heart attack without even being at the scene,she did it over the phone,just taking the word of some marshalls that nothing appeared suspicious.No exam by a physician,no autopsy,just yep looks like a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Well well, tit for tat. The Dems. changed the rules in 2013 to allow Bammy to seat liberal judges on the federal benches.

Ultimate embarrassment would be to not allow a vote for Bammy's nominee. Dig your heels in and leave the seat vacant. Just like Moocheel did @ the State of the Union. Left the seat next to her empty for a Muslim Refugee (unvetted) that would send a message.

Nominate away Bammy till the cows come home. Maybe take care of Holder or Lynch, hey to send a real message Bammy should recommend a Transgender.

Anonymous said...

No worries everyone! The Reptards will likely lose Senate seats for playing games with the SCOTUS appointment. Thennnn... after Hilly steamrolls to victory, she can appoint 0bama or Billy to the seat!
When all those gop heads explode, it'll be freakin' magical!

Anonymous said...

Republicans wasted little time turning Scalia's death into a political sideshow, vowing to block ANY nomination before the election while Scalia's body was still warm. They have absolutely no boundaries.

The GOP is worried they may not get the pick... As if any of those wingnuts have a shot at the White House.