Thursday, February 18, 2016

What's Big in the Bubble, Is Just Life Outside

      Last year, there was an instance of a woman appearing before City Council to complain her landlord was not doing enough about bugs.  Now it's elevated to "Watertown's bedbug problem."
      Perception is a funny thing when you are inside the government/media bubble as opposed to minding your own business and living life on the outside.
      One thing I learned from this article is that CDBG funds from being an entitlement community is the new way to spend money while acting like you are not. The roughly 700K a year is an additional revenue source for a variety of projects but exterminating bugs ? Probably not.
      If bedbugs are a public health problem, we have agencies to deal with it in terms of education.
      I don't have bedbugs, but like anyone, I have dealt with critter issues when they arise. Where such issues pass from individual responsibility to society's woes is not always an easy line.
      It's a stigma to have bugs. For tenants and for landlords, at least the responsible ones. Lets hope the bedbug summit helps everyone understand the issue, but to be candid, it's not a pervasive problem and everyday people with bug or critter issues deal with them privately and without fanfare.


Anonymous said...

You don't know what it is like to live on fixed income and be forced to make the decision to go hungry or buy a can of Raid. We need to tax Wall Street and make extermination a right not a luxury. Johnson and Johnson made as much as a drug company last year. Why does a can of Raid cost as much as half a pack of cigarets, instead of as much as a two dollar scratch off? When I am president, this will all change.

Anonymous said...

That got a snort out of me 757. Not bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is this really what our city is supposed to be doing? Crazy...