Monday, February 15, 2016

WDT:Record low temperatures this weekend cause plumbing problems throughout Watertown

       This is an easy story to write. In fact you could write it anytime and just print when needed. It's from the School of Obvious Journalism....Not knocking it.....I did plenty of these old saws in my day.

       Kind like the Black Friday story that looks the same every year.

       I still miss the days when the local paper would report on the first crocus spotted at a Presbyterian household on Paddock Street.  Just saying, I like that kind of journalism.  Inane, obvious stuff that I can react to wistfully.

       Watertown Daily Times | Record low temperatures this weekend cause plumbing problems throughout Watertown


Anonymous said...

affordable plumbing for affordable housing.

otherwords1 said...

Well, it shut down a medical facility. And for some people, that is important to ease their suffering of detect a condition that could be dangerous. Whenever such a facility is closed, it seems that would be different than just some other places closed from flooding.

Anonymous said...

In at least one case, it sounds like the plumbing problem was caused by a heating unit failure coupled with an inferior alarm system and alarm monitoring for the building.

Ray said...

I had to get up every hour and run everything till Monday mourning. Then I had my son do the same till the afternoon as I went to work. Now all is good again. The weekend was a rough one for all.