Sunday, February 14, 2016

WDT: What's In a Name ?New JCC Building to be Named After John Deans

        I like John Deans. He taught when I went to JCC and was always a gentleman and kind person.
Colleges have changed over the years and I don't even know what a 'collaborative learning center' is, but I figure it's sort of like a library only more high tech.
         Naming things is always tricky. Sometimes you sell the name, other times you name things after someone well liked or respected.
         In this area, we like to name things after hired, professional administrators. The Warren Fargo Educational Complex or the Charles Bohlen BOCES come to mind.  Schools are named after superintendents.
         But we don't name things after some types of paid management like county administrators or city managers. Our Library is named after a former Governor who has a statue, but neither of those honors would be handed out today. Local yokel elected officials are not used as monikers as that would be inappropriate as it be would for federal or state elected officials.
         The Dulles Building is named after a couple of Cold War icons, but most people know the edifice as just the State Office Building, or SOB.
          Major national historic figures used to be in vogue. Sherman School was named after the march-to-the-sea Civil War general. Starbuck was a State Senator I believe, but it was a long time ago.
          We have some streets named after Mayors, and a sewage plant named  for William Field, or at least the road going to it is. We named a street Line Drive a few years back, as a person could not be agreed on.
          We are talking about naming the Arena, but don't look for that to happen soon and we did name Western Boulevard but haven't built it.
          Of course, some community founders like Coffeen and Butterfield were honored, and some states got streets named after them. There is a paper street named Pennsylvania Avenue.
          There are some things like Dimmick or Wealtha I have no idea who they are named for, and we are still waiting for names for the regional landfill, the water plant or the hydro plant, although the turbines are named Faith, Hope and Charity. 
         Dead Presidents are out although some may recall Jefferson was a two term President before becoming a county. .
Watertown Daily Times | New JCC Learning Center will be named after college’s third president


Anonymous said...

How about the Brian Gaffney Memorial Water Plant???? The way the COW treated him...He deserves it.

Anonymous said...

You should have mentioned that the March to the Sea was one of the the more well known, of Lincoln's many war crimes. They won't teach that in any of the "learning" centers. And they won't present the facts to allow the students to conclude it on their own.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Anonymous 9:04 - that's a keeper ... spot on.

FYI - traditionally buildings and such have been named after a person dies, so why this shift I wonder? Oh, I guess to give them more honor while above ground? Okee dokee.

Anonymous said...

when will Tirene get their due?

Ima said...

How about naming it "You Wonder Why Your Tuition Is so High Hall"

Anonymous said...

4:09 ???
Dr. Deans had nothing to do with that..Its all the politicians who earmark all the free money to schools, and public entities and we end up paying for it in the long run. Our council is spending more and more of our money on the concession now, and who will pay for that...US again. The city enters into agreement with the deep pocket lawyers and consultants who have big ideas for the our little city, and who pays for that US again. Our own city manager is gunning for more deliberations with the Fire Department on the say of the high priced attorney, and who will pay for that? US again..We continue to allow public schools to bus kids for every little event no matter where it is or how far it is from their school and who pays for these buses and budgets?/ Us again. We should like it by now. And the most frustrating part of it all....the ones who dont work get more benefits and those like the elderly who worked their life and tried to save will continue to struggle and pay more for all of this.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of working people who made many of these things possible. But they never seem to get the recognition.

Dan, who is Brian Gaffney? Please fill us in, okee dokee?

As far as the educational monuments being named after management, that is no real surprise. Education types love to worship each other. If you have to do this naming thing, and what to keep it in house, pick a teacher that may have worked hard for years and years.

It's not always done wrong. Remember Waterman Drive.

Anonymous said...

Brian Gaffney was the Chief Water Treatment Operator, he conferred with the State DOH before ignoring an order from a Facilities Manager, he was fired over it, We should re-name the arena the Jamie St. Croix arena.......