Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WDT: St. Lawrence County legislators shelve strategic planning process

     St. Lawrence County lawmakers have rejected wasting money on a Kumbaya session they euphemistically call "strategic planning."
      It's a legislative body. Individuals, caucuses, or committees are supposed to propose things and then try to get the votes needed for passage.
      If it's fiscal problems, perhaps an elected county executive to complement the Legislature's efforts. That way somebody accountable to voters has go answer for and address fiscal matters.
       Hiring a facilitator and holding a retreat is nonsense. If you run for office and are elected you shouldn't need remedial help.
       Watertown Daily Times | St. Lawrence County legislators shelve strategic planning process


Anonymous said...

The big county legislator made their own fiscal bed, but have found lying in it rather unpleasant. The math is real easy, dollars in must equal dollars out. The hard part is deciding whether to raise taxes or cut spending, either way there will be losers. The choice is to punish tax payers many of which are on the edge of poverty or cut county employee(s). No matter how you slice this cake somebody is going to get it in the face.

Anonymous said...

Reading the article provided from the Times I agree with some of the theory..
Eliminate all and I mean all unmandated jobs within the County. See how your budget looks and compare to payroll.. Now one by one re-instate on a need to be basis..
I dont like thinking for the Sheriff but I know from talking to his financial officer that there are cuts he can make and realignment of duties such as what he just did with 12 hour shifts which I,m sure will help.
Perhaps the jail staff should be doing the transportation of inmates too and from courts and doctors etc. They certainly could be trained and they already are Peace officers. Perhaps the Investigative staff should be returned to uniform and all felonies handled now by them handled by the SPs who are much more trained and competant anyway.
The road patrol could be eliminated in such as the Sheriff could assign existing officers to the jail to do transports etc and eliminate the need for all of the equipment now used by the Road.. No one says they arnt going to be missed but are they really needed? If the townships that feel they dont get sufficient police coverage they could hire laid off officers for their own force like Norwood does.

Anonymous said...

Our brainchild Patty Ritchie has come up with an absolutely brilliant idea on saving money by not allowing Oreos, Lobster and Steak to be bought on SNAP cards or food stamps.. That alone could save zero dollars... This politican has outlived her usefullness and needs to be brought back into the real world.. Living in Ogdensburg with many people now on food stamps and I mean working people on food stamps they dont need someone dictating how they spend money they are intitled to. I know one legislator in Gouverneur had some gall calling Addie Russell a "Commie Princiss" a while ago.. I guess Ritchie is starting a local war on the needy...