Monday, February 8, 2016

WDT: Gillibrand endorses women registering for the draft while at Fort Drum

   Women registering for the draft ? Nice in theory, as long is there is no draft. How about ending the whole system for both genders, since I am sure there is a data base of people that age anyway, and nobody seems inclined to want a draft, unless there's deferments for rich kids. And who is going to get the Kardasian's to sign up ?
    Watertown Daily Times | Gillibrand endorses women registering for the draft while at Fort Drum


Anonymous said...

What happened to the picture of Tom and Brittnee????

Anonymous said...

At this point there is no way shape or form would anyone listen to Gillibrand, she is a man hater. Let her parade her equality bullsh## and require all the women sign up for selective service regardless of 'skillset' Put her feminist type on the front lines right along side our our boys. Another class ceiling broken, Gilly's the man!

Addie, get ready to register your girls.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't she hold some kind of lawmaker position?
If so, instead of endorsing, she should write a law and build support for it. That is hard to do when you don't really believe what you say you are for.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Obama's daughter turning 18, let her be the first to sign up.

Got to give the GOP credit they will force the progressives to sign their own daughters up to fight for America. Better yet if they leave the country like the Viet Nam War days, no great loss, let them get educated by our neighbors up North, we will relieve ourselves of the highly overpaid professors on these leftist campuses all the better not having to throw money down the toilet with these pampered helicopter kids having to learn remedial skills.

Anonymous said...

Did our new Mayor go out to greet her? Or did he abstain and recuse himself, which seems to be the new theme of our new council.

Anonymous said...

LOL - they both had real nice smiles and seemed to be enjoying the moment 353

Anonymous said...

Tony Keating represented the Mayor. Look for the white hair and the smile, smile, smile.

Anonymous said...

There will not be a draft! When I was drafted then went to school I was annoyed that the women my age were two years ahead of us guy draftees! Then in the Army Reserve I had two women that I reported to! So women can do many of the jobs.

Anonymous said...

I have female relatives that I cannot imagine being in the military,just too mild mannered and home centered,I think it would almost kill them to have to go away into the military.It is different for men,like it or not,they are better able to adjust,and still many can't hack basic.This PC stuff is way out of control,forcing women into the military is nuts.

Anonymous said...

12:22 This is what these militant progressives women of the left have been calling for the last 50 years. Gillibrand the next version of Hilldabeast wants equality for all, well sign them up. No draft, this is the first step for selective service registration, next will be the hurdle for Gillibrand's type will be the draft.

How many stupid progressive women fall for this crap, a ton. Hilldabeast grandbaby daughter Char will be signed up whether she likes it or not, shove down her throat like Obamacare, the fighting liberal women on the Court Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotyemeyer don't won't to carry the women fight forever,let's get all future females in on the rigged con game.

Maybe if we are lucky we will get the pentagon to design new see through, skimpy militant uniforms worn by Beyonce, Kardashians, Sarandon to promote the non gender identities they so seek.

Anonymous said...

Foolish hack. Why not abolish the draft altogether? That would have been the most politically astute move. You're slipping Senator. At least we still have a mature, attractive rep in congress.

Anonymous said...

9:53 100% right, Becoming more apparent just how stupid she is. There was a reason why she got herself situated on the arm service committee and they weren't to help the military. The Senator does not have a cordial or working relationship with anyone within the military including locally those in and out of Ft. Drum. It was just a photo op. Her little trick and pony show with that whiney little girl voice and time is just about up.

Understanding why less than 27% of rank and file military approve and support Obama leadership. The Dems. have never and never will demonstrate their support for the military men and women that defend this country.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I wrote this earlier today:

There are so many levels on this issue that I disagree with Sen. Gillibrand and with many others as well that it would take more space here than I want to use to bore anyone (more than I usually do – smile).

But, there are a couple key points on that I feel strongly about based on my long years of military and DOD civilian experience (44 years to be exact) and not based on “a maybe this or perhaps that may or may not happen if we need or not need to draft women and as nation.”

Gillibrand says in part: "It should be done based on skill sets, and the types of mission all troops are assigned to."

FYI: The draft is not based on anyone having a "skill set" it is used based on manpower need in war mostly.

The draft puts people in uniform and mostly then trained for combat based on filling the ranks in time of dire need (*war). We don’t draft an infantryman or tanker or EOD expert who happen to have that skill set – they are drafted and then trained for that skill. From my experience with the draft and I never registered – I enlisted – they were good men, dedicated in most cases – some were bitter radicals for sure, but most served well most ended up in VN – carrying a rifle in an infantry battalion and thousands came home the hard way, in a coffin.

Do we as a people want that for the women of this country to somehow show or get equality or to give a young woman a chance to serve her country? The all-volunteer concept does that now, doesn’t it? The all-volunteer concept is working well, isn't it? If not, then tell us yes or no, don't dance around the bigger subject with gimmicks like mandating women register for the draft.

It is bad enough for men unless we have total all-out war and then I guarantee you they would line up and volunteer as in the past (except, well maybe for Vietnam). Drafting also (when it happens) disrupts lives across many fronts. I see no need to draft unless we are hurting with the all-volunteer concept. So, are we?

If we are serious about this move for whatever reason and I am not totally sure what that reason really is and not just the “equality” angle, then why not go to a total conscription system, also known as mandatory military service or compulsory national service like in South Korea, or Israel, or Singapore, or hell even like North Korea.

In the ROK (our strong ally) for example, theirs is administered by the Military Manpower Administration with two tiers of service: active duty or non-active duty service. Length of service varies according to branches: 21 months for Army and Marine Corps, 23 months for Navy, 24 months for Air Force. The non-active duty service, e.g. civil service or public service worker, is from 24 months to 36 months.

So, why not go full bore and make every American proud to serve, right? That's what this is about isn't it? Or is it?

Finally, Sen. Gillibrand is way off base on this unicorn chase, too. She "continues her push to move the handling of sexual assault cases from military commanders to specialized prosecutors."

I strongly disagree with her on that issue, which I have to say is utter silliness and it would undermine the military chain-of-command authority and emasculate commanders.