Monday, February 22, 2016

Watertown Case May Provide a Bite at the Apple

      A 2008 Watertown child exploitation case has been cited in national media a possible prescedent in the case of he FBI trying to force Apple to help "unlock" the cell phone of the San Bernadino terror killers.
        I am not sure what's in the phone that's different from what you can get from looking at the readily available call and contact info, but I can see why Apple is reluctant as we have seen how every little dispute, real or imagined, can result in police and litigants looking to Apple, Google, Twitter and others to be evidence gatherers.
       In this specific case, it may be nice to have the pass code without having to guess, but creating a back door has broader ramifications across the high tech spectrum.


Anonymous said...

I thought I heard over the weekend, the terrorist didn't even own the phone that it was an Obamaphone.

Seriously folks, was this an Obamaphone or not?

Anonymous said...

guess we need another 911 style attack and then people will all be wearing flags again and saying do whatever we have to to get the terrorists..sigh..