Tuesday, February 23, 2016


         In the news tonight, I see there was another heroin bust, this one in a no tell motel on outer Washington Street.....Just down the hill there was a rabid skunk found in the City.
         Tonight I went to another meeting of people concerned about the fate of the North Side League. I threw my two cents in on the fate of the Mill Street building that housed the once active but essentially now defunct civic club formed in 1911.  Who owns the property and who even can gain access now that everyone who was involved lost interest ? It's complicated yet simple. There is no League, just some real property due to be lost in June if no one redeems the taxes.  That might happen, but what happens after that is definitely an unknown.
         I'll see what Fox writes for the Morning Hoot as he was there too.
         I am debating on a new ice machine as my old one has some nasty habits. You wouldn't believe how high tech they are now. I want ice cubes, not the space shuttle.
         Going to be a late night as Jet and I will be staying up after midnight for returns from the Nevada GOP caucus.  Thursday night its a debate and next Tuesday I'll be a shut in as its Super Tuesday.
         This panic to stop Trump is fun to watch. Doesn't the Haley Barbour crowd know the dogs aren't eating the dog food this year ?
          Went to Pete's as Caitlyn was supposed to be back and I wanted to hear about her helicopter skiing at Whistler....She wasn't there but the replacement was more than adequate.


Anonymous said...

I also saw Mel touring the new arena,it looks nice and almost ready to go.Now,on the food thing,instead of spending big bucks on a kitchen that may or may not suit someone looking to rent,and probably can't afford,why not just sell hundred buck licenses to hot dog and hamburger push carts? and popcorn,carmel corn,like they do for the farmer's markets..you could get a bigger variety of foods,and it would be on the vendors to comply with board of health regulations,and not have to put in costly kitchen stuff.Yes,you heard it here,first,on the mayors blog(excuse me,ex mayor's blog)..

Anonymous said...

She won't be there either she tore her ACL

Nichole Lajoie said...

Fox should be on the council...